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The presentations were given in the Middle Hall which is located off the corridor behind the main kitchen. Signs will guide you to the lecture room.
Programme of Presentations 2017.


Society and Speaker(s)
11:00 -
Greyhound Compassion
Lucinda Read
Greyhounds and Galgos in Europe
11:45 -
Four Paws
Cordelia Britton
Head of Programmes UK
Four Paws UK – Promoting More Humanity Towards Animals
12:30 -
Sea Shepherd
Tanya Durrant and Cove Guardian Ian Turner
Sea Shepherd UK: Defend – Conserve – Protect.
13:15 -
Save the Asian Elephants
Duncan McNair
Chief Executive Officer
Asian Elephants – Their desperate plight and the fight for survival.
14:00 -
Animal Aid
Isobel Hutchinson
How you can make the world a better place for animals.
14:45 -
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
May Boyter,
Trudy Kuhn, Lyndsay Edwards and
Ben Sheridan
Battersea Voices – The voice of dogs and cats in our communities.

Please note that the presentation titles, speakers or times may be subject to change.

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There will be stalls in five rooms – make sure you visit all the rooms.